Why do you support  CBYX? Why is CBYX an important part of recent and future German-American relations? Additionally, if you are a program Alumni: How has CBYX influenced your professional and personal growth?

Warum unterstützt Du das PPP? Wieso ist das PPP ein wichtiger Baustein aktueller und künftiger deutsch-amerikanischer Beziehungen? Zusätzlich, falls du ein Alumni des Programms bist: Inwiefern hat das PPP deine berufliche und private Entwicklung beeinflusst?


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  1. I support this because I think it is important for the transatlantic relations and it gives people whose parents haven’t got enaugh money for an exchange year the chance to go in the U.S. for a year

  2. Spending one year in the US has not only enriched my life and personal development but has also created so many friendships across the Atlantic which have been existent for more than 10 years. In todays globalized world, it is the individual and personal relationship between people that support the friendship of both countries and the understanding for both cultures. The world is definitely not flat, CBYX is not old fashioned, and therefore more than ever needed!

  3. CBYX (2005) empowered me on my pursuit of happiness. After ten years, I can proudly look back at all the program offered me:
    – Gaining a second family and home in Germany
    – Launching a trans-Atlantic career
    – Strengthened responsibility as a global citizen
    Furthermore, CBYX allowed me to give back:
    – Represent my generation as a responsible U.S. citizen diplomat
    – Share my experiences and perspectives to encourage striving for excellence
    $2m is worth the social, political and economical…

  4. A good Friends of Mine was in the US for a year….he said it was the one of the best times in his life and I want to support him to help other students and young people to make these experiences too.

  5. I was a participant 1985-1986. After that year I came to love the German language even more. I ended up marrying a German and am now a high school German teacher her ein the USA – a student of mine was a CBYX participant 2 years ago, and it was also for her a life changing experience.

  6. Such culturally enriching programs like the CBYX , which allow for youth to foster friendships between themselves and their counterparts in other countries, should continue to be supported. It is one of the most important ways for learning to occur and for real, life-transforming changes (i.e., education) to occur.

  7. CBYX isn’t just a scholarship, it is a life changing oppertunity. I learned a lot about the US and how people think over there. It helped me to lay down prejustice not only towards the US but to everything in my everyday life. There are many stereotypes about the US and about Germany. Some are funny, some are insulting and most are exaggerated. CBYX helps people with low income to overcome these walls of prejustice and to build a better relationship between our countries!

  8. Living, studying and working in Germany was a fascinating experience. Being a participant of the CBXY program has been one of the highlights of my career. It has helped me widen my horizons and redefine my future objectives. The academic and professional experience I earned during my time in Germany helped me discover different interests, and has influenced my life greatly.

  9. The program is life-changing, while also changing the opinions and challenging the stereotypes of every single person that the participants come in contact with every day of their exchange. Because of my language training, I’m able to conduct business in Germany. The US needs more programs like this, not fewer! Please save CBYX.

  10. I was in Saarbruecken on September 11, 2001 when the towers fell. The outpouring of support and compassion bestowed upon me and my fellow 18th CBYX participants was stunning. My host family and all of the Germans I interacted with were deeply wounded by the events of that day. I was honored to be an American abroad at that time; to have such rich conversations about the issues with people who cared so much about my country. The CBYX was the highlight of my life and it should be kept alive.

  11. The CBYX program changed my life for the better. One year living and working in Germany and spending time in a host family has influenced my life for ever. I feel it has made me a more rounded and cultivated person. Learning the German language, immersed in the culture has provided me career opportunities that I may have otherwise not had, had I not spent a year abroad. Every person one meets and every experience one makes in a year abroad changes lives. Cutting this program would be a shame.

  12. CBYX was an invaluable experience; I forged international friendships &collaborations that have continued to enhance my personal & professional life. I was able to improve my German language skills & gain a better understanding of German & European culture, while participating in an internship that significantly & positively affected the trajectory of my career. My CBYX experience gave me & those that I met abroad genuine & positive perspectives of our respective nations.

  13. I was a CBYX student in 2013/14 & I can honestly say that my year abroad in the U.S. has, in huge parts, shaped me into the person I am today. Without the CBYX I’d never have been able to do so and I recommend it to everybody that has the wish to study abroad. It’s much more than just about getting to know another culture. It’s about seeing the world in a new perspective. About spreading awareness for other cultures and religions. Learning that there is so much more to the world than we…

  14. I support the CBYX because I participated in a different exchange to Germany that was a hallmark of my collegiate experience, providing me with connections across the globe, the confidence to face unexpected challenges, and the language skills to interact with a globalized world. Organizations like these promote cooperation and understanding, intangible benefits that are difficult to put a price tag on but that make life immensely better.

  15. CBYX offers an oppertunity of a lifetime. I have never left America, but have always had a desire to do so. I could not fund a year abroad- and as a freshmen want to make the most of high school and what it has to offer. Thank you CBYX and those who support it, for making such a scholarship available. I may not be chosen, but this organization has opened my eyes more then I though possible. I’ve realized what is possible and what I am capable of. Thank you, please support CBYX.

  16. If this program helps students in both Deutschland and the USA of course I will support it! I never got to go but if it helps future generations discover Our wonderful culture then its a good cause. Stay safe and have fun.

  17. This program has afforded my Great Niece the opportunity to learn, and enjoy the beauty of Germany.

  18. The CBYX program has shown clearly over time that it is a valuable mechanism to identify and develop young talented people into leaders and influencers. The monetary investment necessary to ensure the program’s continued operation is minuscule in comparison to the value created by identifying talented people, building their character, exposing businesses and institutions to them, and in doing so, creating an opportunity for participants to pay it forward in a way that impacts national…

  19. I can honestly say this program changed my life. That’s a lot, but it’s true. This program and my internship in it helped me in countless ways. For my job, I worked at the Max Planck Institute. I ended up returning to do my Master’s in Germany. For my life, I evolved as a person in ways I never could have if let to my own homeostatic environment.
    I have becoming a walking advertisement for German American relations. It’s amazing how much one year abroad can change your outlook.

  20. I have seen first hand the impact that this program has on its participants and the communities that surround them, on both sides of the water. It is amazing to see how much culture and understanding is transferred through each person. Every member of this program becomes an unofficial ambassador between these two countries. It would be a shame for both countries to lose such a valuable program.

  21. I support this program because it is something that benefits both our students here in the US and our relations with our Allies.

  22. The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program, simply put – has been the
    single greatest cultural experience my daughter’s young life.
    Her grandfather, my father – was an American WWII
    veteran, Purple Heart recipient and former German POW.
    The CBYX experience has immersed my daughter in a culture which once held her
    grandfather captive, but now has shown her nothing short of love .
    Her grandfather would be proud.

  23. This program offers special and unique opportunities for students arcoss the US. It opens doors otherwise closed, & for this it should survive.

  24. I went as part of this program in 1993. It gave me and dozens I got to know a broader perspective. I use my language skills teaching kids at a Saturday German school. Countless small encounters have shifted people’s negative stereotypes in both countries. The benefits are too many to count, and they keep on coming, not just to me but to many others. This program has far more benefit than cost, in my opinion.

  25. CBYX is the best exchange program that ever existed. I am a current German participant in America and the program already changed my whole life. I am so happy that I am a part of it and nobody should stop the program or cut funding. Even more people should make this wonderful experience. I wish all my friends could do it. Please stay alive! CBYX FOREVER!!!

  26. I support CBYX because it allows people who lack the monetary means to go abroad and become a global citizen. There are so many young people in the United States, myself included, who are extremely interested in cultural immersion, but who cannot realistically afford exchange programs that are $15,000 a year. Without scholarships, it is limiting the opportunity to become a global citizen to one financial class.

  27. The hard and soft skills I learned in my single year in CBYX from the German language to a sense of confidence have contributed directly to on-going personal and professional successes. The program has been instrumental in my career and deep interest in the value of diversity. Reducing funding will result in fewer future leaders in the global community. As connections between countries become more vital to economic growth these programs become that much more important.

  28. CBYX inspired a love for not just Germany and it’s wonderful language but for culture and the differences in society. I am currently studying to be a sociologist and I can promise that that has everything to do with CBYX and the incredible experience that I had in my ten months.

  29. I am a diplomat today because of CBYX. If it wasn’t for the opportunity given to me by this US government sponsors scholarship I surely would. Or have ever studied a foreign language, studied abroad or gained fluency in German. I also would not have a “family” in Germany to this very day. I can’t believe there isn’t $2 million dollars in the State Dept budget of $50 billion to keep up America’s end of this bargain.

  30. I feel that this exchange did save my life. The exchange shows that there are still good people in this crazy world. Two people from two totally different countries, more than 1,000 miles apart. And when you do this you just connect so quickly, it’s like you have another brother/sister from another country. I love to just talk to my exchange student. I feel honored to have an exchange student an to have this experience. I would want other people to have this experience too.

  31. CBYX changed my life and I am forever grateful! Having an opportunity at a young age to live with a family in another country and learn their language and culture is a profound experience and America should be encouraging more young people to do this, not less. In the digital age, we need real person to person connections more than ever! I studied German in college and had a Fulbright grant to Germany. I am teaching my daughter German look fwd to her meeting my host family soon.
    Berlin 97-98

  32. CBYX helped hugely in shaping who I am today. It was the single biggest influence on my current career success, developed me as a person and gave me incredible lifelong friendships and relationships. It’s hard to even formulate words to describe how important CBYX is to me.

  33. First off, this program is a great way for Americans and Germans to express and share each other’s culture, I couldn’t think of a better program than this one. Also, it has changed my life, for I met my older schwester (sister) through this program and she has brought my family and I unfathomable joy and I could not see my self without her. I am still in high school, but I hope that I can still apply to this program, for I want to have a great experience my self, just like my schwester did!!

  34. CBYX was such an amazing experience for me. I got to grow as a person, and learn a whole different culture and language along with it. My host family has become my second family, and I have made life long friends. Germany has become my second home, and CBYX made that possible. Why they would hurt the chance for young people to go out and discover a part of the world they live in, boggles my mind. I want everyone to do an exchange year, so they can learn, respect, and love a whole new culture.

  35. My CBYX year is only half over, but the past five months have been the most transformative time of my life. The opportunity and responsibility to represent the US has taught me about the power of citizen diplomacy. I discovered my own strengths and limitations in a role that I understand to be vitally important for peace and tolerance.
    I already owe my confidence and fluency in the beautiful German language to CBYX; I am convinced that the program will be a pivotal point for my life and career.

  36. As a 1985-1986 CBYX student to Germany, I can not imagine a justifiable reason on earth why the State Department would cut funds to this program. With that scholarship, I learned a new language, discovered myself and gained an appreciation for the world that I would never have realized. My exchange experience has positively impacted my education, employment, personal and entire life in general. It is crucial that we support young future leaders and give them a head start whenever possible.

  37. The CBYX trip was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and is without a doubt a program that should always be recommended to those looking to expand their horizons. Germany and the US are two countries doing very well in today’s global standings and this program can only further those good relationships and make them last. CBYX allowed me to broaden my professional horizons immensely but what I valued most were the family and friends that I made and that I still have…

  38. To go on the CBYX trip was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and is without a doubt a program that should always be recommended to those looking to expand their horizons. Germany and the US are two countries doing very well in today’s global standings and this program can only further those good relationships and make them last. CBYX allowed me to broaden my professional horizons immensely but what I valued most were the family and friends that I made and that I still have…

  39. My CBYX experience has been a driving force in my life. After spending a year abroad and meeting US officials, I knew I wanted to go into international public service – now, I am on track to graduate with honors with a double major in International Affairs and German. I have challenged myself to learn more Arabic, studied abroad in Germany and Israel, and interned across the US and the world.
    I owe my ambition, confidence, and passion for the world to CBYX. I can’t imagine a world without it.

  40. CBYX changed many things in my life, nothing will be the same when I go back to Germany this summer. You develop, you grow with such an exchange year. I take life easier than I did before, I try to sped more free time with friends and not just focus on my career. I learned to appreciate more the little things in life, to focus on new goals when I can’t achieve some I had.

  41. The CBYX program is helping people internationally by not only supporting relations between Germany and the US but by having young people participate they can have a better understanding of other cultures and will help relations with all countries. If the US government doesn’t reinstate the program it will hurt relations with Germany forever and will make other countries think that we don’t care about foreign relations. But they need to think about the future of our youth and their acceptance.

  42. When I was a CBYX student in 1990-1991, I experienced a year of transformation. I was changed from a girl who had never even been on a plane, much less been to another country, to a girl with an appreciation of the world. The knowledge that I gained while on exchange enables me to be more effective at my job as one of the first hired employees a VW Chattanooga. It would be a great loss to our society to loose the CBYX program especially for those like me who could not have afforded to go.

  43. This program gave me the flexibility and tools needed to make important decisions about my life. It was an opportunity to experience a new way of life (family-wise and culturally), something I think everyone should experience. If the program doesn’t work as is, it should certainly exist in some capacity. It was the ultimate life changing experience and I’m proud to bring my experiences to my home country with me and share them each and every day.

  44. An experience like CBYX is hard to write about, “life changing” comes close but misses a critical part – that it also changes the lives of everyone around you. The ripple effect of my experience has come through in all facets of my life & future career, from always honoring my personal commitments, to respecting the time of others professionally. Exchange that promotes cultural understanding is great, but one that also empowers national growth is exceptional – & that is exactly what CBYX does.

  45. Apart from learning German, self-sufficiency, discipline, commitment, dedication, interpersonal skills and an appreciation for people and cultures: CBYX made me who I am today. I am an Emmy and James Beard Award-winning producer with 25+ years working in the entertainment industry and married to a man of German descent. I started as an 18 year old who could not afford this program. CBYX opened doors, broadened my horizons and changed my life. I hope that others will have this opportunity.

  46. I can only imagine how proud my great-great-grandparents would be knowing that with CBYX I am spending a year living and working in Hamburg, the same region they grew up in over 125 years ago.

    This experience has inspired profound gratitude and enthusiasm in me as I explore a culture that has drastically shaped my personal story – past, present & (undoubtedly) future! Germany is a second home to me now and thanks to CBYX I will strive my whole life long to further bridge our two nations.

  47. Two years ago I was a fellow at Munich’s RCC; this experience reinforced the value of true cultural exchange–of ideas, of language, of customs, of the daily routines and holidays. I first learned this in high school, when I was a part of the CBYX program. The year that I spent in Germany on this program shaped the rest of my life. I am now a university professor studying medieval Germany. In turn I now travel internationally with college students, helping them learn those same lessons.

  48. CBYX has been foundational in my personal and professional life. I was a part of the 1994-1995 program and was fortunate to have lived with a family in the most beautiful town on the Mosel in the area of Trier. I still visit my family there nearly every year, talk with them weekly, and consider them to be one of the closest relationships I have. I started an import company 15 years ago that now employs three. I would have never done this without my year in Germany. An indispensable program.

  49. CBYX is Program created from the wisdom and pain of a Post WWII era. True Statesman and visionaries created the program as a way to foster understanding and learning between cultures. The program and its experiences are valuable beyond measure and words. This experience has given me so much as well as the hundreds and thousands of people I have come into contact with both home and abroad. Better communication n via the internet is no substitute to living and working side by side.

  50. This program inspired me to pursue a job in the State Department. I begin my first internship with Mission Germany this June.

  51. The year I spend abroad in Magdeburg, Germany with the CBYX program has truly impacted many aspects of my life. Not only did I learn another language, culture, and people but I also gained insight for my future career. I would have never been able to afford my year abroad, and since then I’ve had many great opportunities to do internships with the government and state department. One experience led to another, but if it wasn’t for the CBYX I don’t know if I would have known where to begin.

  52. I am a current German CBYX participant and it is unbelievable how much different are the two bank systems from Germany and USA. A lot new things to learn – from both sides.

  53. As an alumni, CBYX was absolutely instrumental in my career and personal life. The challenges and opportunities if has presented me with are next to none.

  54. My brother participated in this program and he grew so mix from it. It motivated him to start a business. Exchanges like this have a profound effect on participants

  55. I participated in CBYX in 2011-2012. Not only am I proud to say I met 74 amazing Americans, but I met SO many Germans that showed nothing but kindness to me. Living and surviving in another culture creates such a confidence in the participants that they tend to come home and do great things. I have come home and started my own business and I have watched my co-horts do equally amazing things. This is a necessary program that is creating stellar leaders of tomorrow for America and Germany!

  56. I’m a 2004-2005 Alumni and I can truly say the program changed my life. The year spent in Germany not only had a lasting impact on me and the direction in which my career has taken, but put me in contact with friends that I will have for life. Giving the chance for citizens from two of the most economically-crucial and world-stabilizing nations to form lasting ties in each others respective country is not only beneficial to those involved but imperative to the flourishing of our global…

  57. Great organization, life transformational. CBYX helped me to accomplish international career goals and sponsored international peace efforts.

  58. CBYX is bigger than Germany and the US.

    This Saturday, I’ll be Skyping with a Ukrainian friend from language school. Starting in Germany, I studied the Pashto language of south Afghanistan. From Hamburg to Istanbul, I ate Turkish food. In the office, I brewed tea using sage grown by my colleague from Jordan. I took trips to Ireland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands. Delaying my master’s by a year gave me new classmates from India and Pakistan.

    CBYX created all of that.

  59. My daughter was a CB “gap-year ‘scholar in 2010. She wove the experience into her college major (Comparative Literature), further language education (Goethe Institute summer program in Germany) and has just learned that her job after college graduation, with a beer importer, will have her focus on the company’s German business here and in Germany. Extraordinary, long-term engagement with German culture, education and business from ten months of CBYX scholarship aid!

  60. I am a current German CBYX participant and I’ve never learned so many things in any other half a year of my life! My host parents, the people at my work and everyone else support me with everything they can and try to make this year a unique experience for me. But I can also see, that it’s sometimes really important to talk about our different cultures and prejudices that occur on both sides. If I learned one thing then that stereotyping is a natural thing to do for humans but also unnecessary!

  61. As a high school student from rural North Carolina, the opportunity to participate in CBYX exposed me not only to German language and culture, but also to new frameworks of life out and beyond my own home town. Not only did I create meaningful connections with my host family and friends–relationships that extend into the present–but I was also able to develop a more global perspective, one that continues to benefit me as a student in NYC, a researcher in India, and an employee in Armenia.

  62. My grandmother left Germany in the 1970’s and never passed on her language and culture to her children. I knew I was a German-American, but I had no idea what half of that meant until CBYX. Living in Germany for a year opened my eyes to the wider world and our role as Americans. Since CBYX I have gone on to work at the State Department and the German Bundestag, two enriching experiences which further convinced me that Germany and the U.S. are better the closer their ties. Thank you for CBYX.

  63. Hallo!
    My name is Chloe and I am a HUGE supporter of CYBX/PPP because not only do I have a love for travel, but also I love that two different cultures can coexist in such an amazing way.
    I was devastated to hear the program was being cut it’s funding and I am disappointed that this program doesn’t get more recognition than it does. I believe that this helps our country thrive politically and image-wise, as we break down social stereotypes.
    hopefully I will be able to win the scholarship…

  64. I am a current German CBYX participant and I am honored to be one of five participants who have been selected for the six weeks Congressional Internship Program in Washington, D.C. It is a very unique, unforgettable and incredible experience for me working in a congressional office at the Capitol Hill, and to see, to learn and to understand how American politics work. This year influenced my professional and personal growth only in a positive way and I am glad to broaden my horizons. I love it!

  65. I was honored to be a German participant in 2003-04, attending the 20th anniversary of the program. It was a wonderful experience and I felt very valued. The ties have stayed strong for the past 11 years, with my host family and friends I made during my experience. I was able to inspire students to apply and go abroad with the program. I am currently working for my former placement organization, recruiting American students for CBYX. This is the best I can do to give back and I love it!

  66. I come from a poor area, where I didn’t see success or ambition among my neighbors or classmates. The CBYX scholarship instilled in me the confidence I needed to strive towards my dreams, while opening my eyes to endless possibilities. With that experience, I was accepted to a good university and received full scholarships for college and a masters in international relations. I am now a U.S. diplomat–something that was unheard of where I come from. CBYX was the turning point in my life.